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I swear I can bake

March 14, 2008

My friend Heather and I decided to make dinner together last night. Heather is my favorite foodie friend and I’ve yet to find anyone else that gets as excited about shopping for pans and vanilla extract as I do.

No recipes today, but the lovely hostess put together a gorgeous strata which (I think) had prosciutto, chevre, green onions and mozzarella. The next time I try this, I’m going to add tomatoes or roasted red peppers for some acid. This SO good!

Strata in progress

The reason I’m not entirely sure what was in it was because I was wrestling with our raspberry vanilla cupcakes. Giada is right…all ingrediants should be the same temperature! The eggs wouldn’t incorporate with the butter because the butter was still cold…grr. I swear I’m a better baker of desserts than maker of dinners and this has never happened to me before! All’s well that ends well though, because they turned out great 🙂

What was on the bottom of the cakes…Raspberry Jam

Before the cupcakes went in the oven

All done…mmmm.

We also had some delicious cocktails that Heather made with an infused simple syrup, orange and pomegranate juice. mmmmm.

Simple Syrup with mint, orange zest & Buddha hand (weird lemon thing)

I wish my camera hadn’t run outta juice, because there would have been cute pics of me, Heather, Nick and Roxie (the dog!), not to mention all of the fun ingrediants and tools I got to use. I really must invest in more rechargeable batteries!