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Fresh Blackberries. Because it’s summer, kids.

August 10, 2011

I literally don’t even know how to describe what has been going on with my life since I last wrote in my little corner of the blogosphere. So much. I’ll just go with “a lot.” Is that anti-climactic? Yeah. Sorry. Next time I won’t wait this long to tell you that “a lot” is going on.

I will say this: Summer in the Shenandoah Valley does not suck. People have such bountiful gardens here that they bring their extra tomatoes, zucchini, onions, chard, etc into the break rooms of my parents respective workplaces and leave them for whoever. Do you know how much a tomato costs at the Arlington, VA farmer’s market? NOT free. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 bucks. So at least the Valley has been entertaining for me that way this summer! I’ve been house sitting periodically for our friends Jill and Craig (currently writing from their house, actually), who have a massive garden that I enjoy feeding myself out of. Last time was a Potato and Kale Stew with dill, which was pretty ridiculous if I do say so myself. This time, I’ve discovered a patch of blackberries right next to a grape arbor currently producing some beautiful, musty smelling, mystery varietal grapes (note to self: Ask what these are. They smell intriguing). These blackberries were beckoning on a walk with the dog this morning, so I came back with a bowl later, which I quickly discovered was too small. Or I was too greedy. Or both.


I originally had grandiose ideas of cobbler and pie and other silly things for these, but at the end of the day, I just didn’t feel like fussing around with them. I wanted to enjoy the soft burst of juice on my tongue from these amazing little gems, gratis from the world, to celebrate an amazing time in my life. The berries were so ripe, they were practically fermenting on the vine. With a little added raw sugar on top, they were divine.


I feel like the world is looking out for me lately, pointing me where I’m supposed to be going. I finally have stopped fighting it, and my reward is peace. That’s what these were today. Peace, in the form of warm summer berries off the vine, eaten on a splintery wooden picnic table in the warm sunshine. Find a farm stand and buy some peace of your own, or go on an adventure and find some.

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