Thank you, Martha

Wow. It’s been an age! Sorry, readers.
So SO many things have happened since I last posted. Rather than catch up on literally everything, I’ll do a bulleted list to sum up.

  • Quit the bakery. Started dog walking.
  • Went to Florida for Christmas. Gained weight from too many amazing meals from Janet Hayden.
  • Came back and immediately had a blizzard. Taking weight back off by walking my ass off in the snow. Minimum 10 walks per day.
  • Roommate drama-rama. Moved. Again.

That sums it up. In no way have I been doing any cooking more complicated than Trader Joes boxed Mac and Cheese recently, since I a) can’t cook in the gluten filled kitchen and b) am poor.
However. I am still stalking recipe sites like nobody’s business, planning for a day when I again have a safe environment to cook real food. I can’t wait. Here’s a couple of great new lists of gluten free recipes for your enjoyment. I can’t wait to try a few!

Martha Stewart has a nice list of about 35 recipes. I especially like this idea of subbing in crushed rice cereal for panko breadcrumbs; it’s a substitution that I’ve been wondering about lately.

Land O Lakes has an AMAZING collection of gluten free recipes. I stumbled across this over the Christmas break and there are so many great reviews of the recipes, I figured it was worth sharing!

Elizabeth Barbonne’s website is a subscription based site, but there are tons of free gluten free baking recipes that you don’t have to pay for! Check it out 🙂 I can’t wait to try her recipe for gluten free Pannetone….thank you Elizabeth 🙂


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