Triumph Gluten Free Dining Out Guide

I received an email recently from Triumph Dining about the release of their 5th edition dining out guide (my blog is a member of their affiliate program, to be up front with my audience :)). Keith’s mom Janet has the 4th edition and it has been really helpful to Keith and I in the past when trying to figure out where to eat out when we’re traveling or when we’re in a new part of town. These guides are seriously cool! They break down each state by area and town and list restaurants that have gluten free menus or are gluten free friendly. The entries also include notes from the restaurants about procedures and precautions to diners, ie “This restaurants grill is shared with gluten containing ingredients.”

I highly recommend this guide to anyone looking for new places to eat in their area, or for folks who travel a lot. It’s so much easier than trying to google on your smart phone at the airport!

The only downside to the guide is that of course, since it is a hard copy, it is instantly out of date or inaccurate to some degree as soon as it’s printed. Make sure you call restaurants ahead of time and check the facts in the guide before going in to enjoy a meal 🙂

Check out Triumph Dining through the ads on my blog to purchase the guide and check out their other great products like their dining out cards and their grocery guides. You’ll love how thorough they are! 🙂 Let me know what you all think once you’ve taken a look!


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