PF Changs Offers New GF Options!

I’m sure you all, if you live in any kind of urban area like I do, go to PF Chang’s a lot. It is my go to place when I am required to go out to eat with a friend or family member that is visiting for several reasons:

1) I have never ever been glutened there
2) They have a dedicated gluten free menu and have GF soy sauce…YES.
3) I never have to explain my requirements to them. They just know because they’ve been trained. Thank god.

So yes, I do go there a lot. However, there is only one or two things on the menu that I will consistently order, and none of the options are things I would have ordered pre-gluten free days. SIGH. It is reasonably easy to burn out on a restaurant if you can only order one or two things!
However, I am pleased to let you know that PF Chang’s is now offering FIVE (count em, FIVE) new beef based GF dishes! YAY! Click the picture below for details. THANK YOU PF CHANG’S, for giving me back Beef with Broccoli šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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