I don’t know if you guys have missed Oreo’s since going gluten free, but I surely have!

Oreo’s used to be my go to snack when I was cranky, or PMS-ing or just getting home from school. I loved the smooth creamy centers and the crumbly chocolate cookies. SIGH. I actually had to give my parents two whole packages of them when I did my Great Gluten Cabinet Purge last year. About killed me to get rid of them, but I did and now I feel all the better for it.

There is a recipe for an faux-Oreo cookie in Elizabeth Barbonne’s baking book, but sometimes you don’t feel like expending all that effort just for a darn sandwich cookie you know?? That’s why I’m glad that Keith introduced me to K-Toos (actually called Kinnitoos, but I’m not sure that anyone calls them that). These are essentially gluten-free Oreos and they’re extremely tasty! A wonderful cookie to dunk in milk and munch after work or school. Don’t get carried away and eat the whole pack though, they’re a bit expensive for that. Oh heck….go ahead. 🙂

In Northern VA, you can find these at the Whole Foods in Clarendon and at Healthways in Fairfax. Anyone else love K-Toos?


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