I made butter. You can too!

I know that I’ve extolled the virtues of a Kitchen Aid mixer in the past, but I’m going to do it again. If you don’t want to hear any more about my favorite kitchen appliance, turn away. But I swear, this time is a little different. This time, I made something so commonplace and yet so special, that when I told my friend about this she was duly impressed and also somewhat thrown: I made butter.

When butter is so easy to buy in the store, why make it at home? I know someone is going to ask. The answer is that I had a half pint of cream sitting in my fridge that I knew I was going to throw out if I didn’t use it today. And frankly, I don’t make a lot of things out of cream in my normal life! I had just been thinking about trying to be more self sufficient and making more of my food from scratch (more than I do already, at any rate).

I think that this works best with a stand mixer, if only because you don’t have to stand next to the bowl for this entire process. My mom said that she used to make butter as a kid for my gramma when she would buy milk in bulk from a local farmer (those were the days…you aren’t even allowed to do that anymore legally, as far as I know!), and that she used an electric hand mixer.

This is less of a recipe and more just process. You will need cream (I used organic. Who wants growth hormones in their homemade butter? Not cool!), salt if you want salted butter, and a mixer. Simply whip the cream as though you were making whipped cream, and then let it mix a little longer! You will see it get thicker and yellower, and eventually the butter will seperate from the buttermilk. Thats when you take it out of the mixer bowl and run it under VERY cold water, sort of mooshing it into a ball until the water runs clear. Thats how you know all of the buttermilk is washed out.

I had a blast doing this, and I can’t wait to try out some toast tomorrow morning with homemade gluten free bread, homemade jam, and homemade butter. WOO! 🙂 I feel kind of like a pioneer. If pioneers used bread machines and stand mixers.


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