Z is for Zebra Stripe Tomatoes

Next up: Fried green zebra stripes!

I really wasn’t kidding in my last post about my love of summer produce. I got some Zebra Stripe tomatoes at the market a few weeks ago and just got around to eating them yesterday. OH MAN. I have been drowning in produce and loving every second of it!

Zebra Stripes are a small, green, stripey variety of tomatoes. They were introduced in 1985 and may I just say….they are my new favorites. I’m sorry, Cherokee Purples. You had your time in the spotlight. Zebras are king this year. They have this sweet, almost tangy flavor and actually taste like, you know, tomatoes. Nothing like those nasty mealy factory farmed ones that you find in our now seasonless grocery stores. Folks, do yourselves a favor: Resist the temptation to buy tomatoes out of season. After you get used to eating off off the vine, you won’t be able to go back.

The thing about Zebra Stripes is that when you buy them, they might not be 100% ripe. I bet you’re wondering “But Rosemary, how can you tell if a green stripey tomato is ripe? What are the indicators?” I am so glad you asked. The guy at the farmer’s market pointed out that although the lighter green areas are pale minty green when the fruit is still hard, they turn a brilliant yellow when they ripen up. So what you’ll actually eat is a green and yellow striped fruit. How cool is that?!

This was basically like my version of a sandwich these days. I just chopped up two very ripe Zebra Stripes (which i realize sounds like a TON of tomatoes, but they’re small!), cubed up some yogurt cheese and salami, and let it hang out in it’s own juices for a few minutes with some black pepper. YUM. Sandwich in a bowl. Enjoy, my gluten free friends.


3 Responses to “Z is for Zebra Stripe Tomatoes”

  1. Tom Wagner Says:

    Thanks for enjoying the Green Zebra tomatoes. I am proud of that tomato and have been for the last 36 years! You probably wonder how that is possible…simple, it was part of many varieties that I have created during the last 56 years. Hundred of my newer tomato lines have Green Zebra in the pedigree and I am always working on perfecting the zing and other flavors. My http://tater-mater.blogspot.com will have updates and photos of my work.

    Tom Wagner TaterMater

  2. kitschen Says:

    Tom, thanks so much for leaving this fantastic info about your website. I LOVE YOUR TOMATOES! They are beautiful and tasty! Thanks again for your fabulous contribution to Farmer's Markets all over the country 🙂


  3. Tom Wagner Says:

    My work with potatoes and tomatoes is putting me in the category of a cause célèbre. Especially, in France where many of my older and newest tomatoes are being eaten right now. I will be nearly every corner of France alone during the next two months, showing off my newest of new; like Zebre Ezel, Picard, Gooseberry Lane, Sweet Casady and more. Just a few minutes ago I agreed to be televised during one of my workshop by a French TV station.

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