Lovin’ That Summer Produce


I haven’t written nearly enough about how wonderful our produce from the Farmer’s Market has been this summer. But just because I haven’t been writing about it doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying it!

A few weekends ago, I took a jaunt out to my parents house in Harrisonburg, VA and they have the GREATEST Farmer’s Market I’ve been to in a long time. My mom has actually started a bi-monthly old time music jam and local musicians have responded in force! The atmosphere is so great, people are incredibly friendly and willing to talk to you at length about their products, where and how they were grown, heirloom varietals, cooking methods….I could have stayed there chatting all day. However, only having one day with my mom, I bit my tongue and sped by the tables, pausing to pick up pints of glossy blackberries, bags full of plump little green lima beans, bright orange miniature tomatoes and ears of “incredible” sweet corn from an enthusiastic young salesman.

My mom and I cooked for the rest of that afternoon. We made a gorgeous vat of vegetarian chili started with a base of homegrown heirloom tomatoes. What’s not to love? Keith’s sister went to the Cape that week, leaving behind a few pints of farmers market raspberries that she gifted to me. I brought them along and my mother, genius that she is, suggested that I make some blackberry raspberry jam. GENIUS, I say. The raspberries really brightened up the rich blackberry flavor and also, i got to water bath my jars of jam. YAY. So fun.

Finally, while we were making dinner, I made fresh peach Bellini’s. OH BABY. You need this in your life. And since we are smack in the middle of peach season, you’re going to make the best Bellini’s you’ll make all year! Make sure you only pick the ripest peaches for this or it won’t be sweet enough.


Farmer’s Market Peach Bellinis

4 medium sized ripe yellow peaches
1 bottle champagne or Prosecco (I used Prosecco, very reasonably priced, from Trader Joes)

1) Pit, peel and chop up your 4 peaches and liquefy them in the blender. Sweeten slightly with a dollop of honey if the peaches aren’t perfectly ripe.
2) Pour puree into champagne flutes or wine glasses and top with champagne or prosecco. Stir with cocktail stirrer. Should make approximately 4-6 drinks.
3) You can also shake this in a cocktail shaker, but that could make the champagne flat. Up to you!


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