Gap jeans giveaway!

Hey friends! I’m about to take off for a few days to my favorite music festival. You may have seen me mention it, oh, a thousand times. Like here. And here. And probably one hundred and twenty five other places. Wheeeee, it’s here! I’m so excited. My friend Rita, who came up with this delicious soup, will finally be coming this year after an absence of what….4 years maybe? YIKES. I’m so glad that she’s coming, I’ve missed her and her wise words so much.

Anyway, no recipes today. My mind and body have been busy with our office move, which is officially over after today, and I’ve been eating frozen Amy’s mac and cheese and picking through my fridge of leftovers (although I did come up with a bomb ass alfredo sauce one night, which I’ll post another time. YUM).

I wanted to direct you all to my friend Betsy’s blog,, where she is giving away a free pair of GAP jeans! W00! Leave her a comment explaining why you want and/or need new jeans, and she will enter you in the drawing. Contest ends tonight at 10PM, so hurry up!

Everyone have a fantastic week. I’ll see ya on the other side.


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