Moist Lemon Cake for a summery week

I don’t think I’ve ever actually described the impact that Keith’s mom Janet, who has Celiac, has had on me since going gluten free. I am so grateful to her and Keith for helping me and supporting me when I first found out that wheat was to be banished from my diet. Any time I had a question about a flour, or a gum, or a confusing baking instruction, Janet had a patient and thoughtful answer. She is definitely the best resource any newbie could have, and she is the reason that I didn’t have the typical newbie experience of standing in a grocery aisle looking lost among tiny bags of flour.
Two things really stand out to me when I look at the last 8 months. One is how generous Janet has been to me with her time and knowledge. The other is that she is unfailingly generous with kitchen gear! She is the one who told me that gluten free pie crust is sticky, and that I should invest in a Silpin if I could find a cheapie one (which I did, at Home Goods!). She gave me her old food mill when she got a new one, which is great because Keith likes his mashed potatoes lump free :). Recently, Janet came to stay with Keith and his sister Kathleen on her way from Florida to Massachusetts, where she and her husband have a summer house. Her gift this time was Elizabeth Barbonne’s new cookbook, Easy Gluten Free Baking. If you’ve never heard of Elizabeth, she runs the website, which is a subscription based site of gluten free recipes. Although Elizabeth isn’t gluten free herself, she was trained at the Culinary Institute of America and chose to do her work in the area of gluten free baking. Thank goodness she did, because this book is AMAZING. I actually think it might be better than the CIA’s gluten free baking book!!!

Janet giving me this book inspired me to go back and look at Elizabeth’s site again. I found a recipe for a Moist Lemon Loaf cake that looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I just had to try it. Lemon is one of my all time favorite flavors, as you can tell! All I can say is WOW. This recipe was light, fluffy and delicious. I highly reccommend you try it out, especially on someone who has never tried gluten free baked goods. I would wager that they would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

**This recipe has been taken down because I’ve been informed that Elizabeth Barbonne has successfully sued multiple people for reprinting her recipes. This is really unfortunate because she has lots of good ones and it’s always nice to see a recipe reviewed before you try it out and waste ingredients. However, since I’m not a blogger with a lucrative sales revenue or book deal, I have taken this recipe down in the interest of avoiding a lawsuit. My apologies to anyone who wanted to try it.**

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