Cyborg Hands….I’ll be back.

My fair readers, please do not give up on me. I have been taking a break for the health of my hands. Apparently I have developed flexor tendonitis from too much typing. I am currently wearing the world’s ugliest hand brace and have been cheerfully joking with my boyfriend that I feel like a cyborg.

I promise that new recipes and musings will come soon. For now, I need to rest and keep my cyborg hand heated. Please don’t stop coming back to check for updates. I swear I won’t abandon you for much longer.

While I’m away, make sure you are eating all the yummy gluten free treats that abound around Passover time! Keith and I found some black and white cookies at Wegman’s that were to DIE FOR. Really really really bad for you, but incredibly tasty. Good thing Passover only comes once per year 🙂



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