Stuck on you…and now you’re mine!

Ok ok, I know. Someday I’m going to have to get back to blogging about actual food. And I will, I swear. I just couldn’t resist another post about kitchen gear I’m lovin’ right now! Furnishing my apartment and especially my kitchen, is one of my favorite activities. I guess I’m exhibiting classic nesting behavior.

I’ve discovered that you can find some of the cutest things for the home at craft stores. Especially in this economy, I’m cutting corners but still want my place to look nice! I bought these magnets at Michaels, they were in the dollar bins near the registers. Good thing I found them too, because my ex-roommate took *ALL* of our magnets when she moved out last year. My fridge has been looking rather forlorn until now!.

Maybe I haven’t shared my obsession with jewelry on this blog. Maybe that’s because this is a food blog, not a “things I clutter my dresser with” blog. In any case, my new favorite place to look for basically anything these days is and there just happen to be a number of talented artists who make jewelry. One of my new favorites is Tickle Me Pink Boutique, which has a fabulous array of collage style pendants. This cupcake themed one is my absolute favorite, I’ve been drooling over it for days! Maybe it’s time to stimulate the economy a little….I can’t stress enough how fast you need to go take advantage of this “Try Me” sale on Le Creuset Stockpots at Chef Tools!! These enamel pots are durable, beautiful and completely functional. They’re also affordable…praise the kitchen gods. 39.99 for a 6-qt stockpot? Yes, please. Take advantage of this sale while it lasts! Plus, who wouldn’t want a stockpot that matches my new mortar and pestle? This set of bowls at Anthropologie is so sweet. It’s a little reminder that spring is right around the corner. Soon the air will be humming with birds and bees and butterflies and winter will just be a memory! I can’t wait, but until then, these bowls should make your tabletop a little sunnier.

Please enjoy and do let me know how I’m doing with the blog! I always love to get feedback from readers 🙂 Recipes to come this weekend, I’ve been working on some awesomely good and healthy nosh.


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