Don’t Be A Chicken

Bawk bawk baaawk

A couple of weeks ago, the weather started to cool down. I busted out my sweaters, my new teal pea coat that I bought while in Colorado, my tea collection. I was ready for cold weather. It then proceeded to stay in the 70s for approximately 2 more weeks. AH.

I was already in the fall frame of mind though, so I thought I’d do something nice and autumnal for dinner that I’d never tried on my own before: Roasted Chicken.

This is a recipe that my mom makes. At home, we call it “The Good Kind of Chicken.” It just seems to take plain old roasting chickens and make the most of them. The skin gets crispy and seasoned and the meat stays nice and moist…mmm. drool.

The Good Kind of Chicken

1 whole roasting chicken or cut chicken pieces
Olive oil
garlic powder
lemon pepper
seasoned salt

1) Make sure you take out the neck and giblets if you’re using a whole chicken. They’re usually in the center cavity. Trust me…you do NOT want to cook the bird with those bits inside unless you’re really interested in scaring the kids this halloween. ick.

2) Wash and dry your chicken. I don’t know if this is technically supposed to happen, but with all the salmonella and ecoli, I’m damn sure not taking any chances. Plus, chicken goo=gross.

3) Once you have patted the little dude dry, put him breast side up in a roasting pan or a baking pan with high sides and drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil on the skin and distribute it evenly. We’re not going for a puddle here, just enough to make the spices stick.

4) Sprinkle an even amount of the spices over the chicken. Nothin’ fancy.

The magic blend

5) Pop him into a preheated 325 degree oven for about 45 to 60 minutes, or until the juices run clear when you puncture the skin at the joint between the thigh and the body. You can also measure the internal temp with a meat thermometer; it should be 165 degrees at the same joint.

6) Cover loosely with foil and let rest for 10 minutes before carving.

I love to make this for dinner parties because EVERYONE is always impressed. Guests often think that I bought the spice mix. I’m tricky that way! Plus, nothing beats carrying out a gorgeous bird and carving it at the table in front of people. Prepare for “ooooo’s” and “aaahhhhh’s.”


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